Thursday, October 21, 2010


I absolutely loved the setup of this presentation by Sara and Ryan. They did a great job providing an overview through various activities. The Line Game is a classic, and I'm not sure I'll ever get sick of playing it. It was a great way to get us in the mind set of discipline in the classroom. I have taken a discipline style quiz before, and I believe I had the same result: authoritative. I believe in independence and giving students reason for what I have them do in the classroom. They way they grouped us was effective because of how like-minded we were based on the quiz. Acting out scenarios is another activity that I probably won't get sick of for a while. It really helps to understand the differences between what's right and wrong. They're also a lot of fun! The book activity was a good one because it is funny to see how things have changed since the 80s. Teachers were allowed to be much more harsh to the students. I'm glad things have changed because I would not feel comfortable hitting or humiliating students. The movie that they played at the end was hilarious. Even though the teacher's mistakes were very obvious from the beginning, it was helpful seeing the good and the bad back-to-back. Overall, I definitely feel like I learned a lot. It is important to be aware of the different discipline styles, as well as having a bag of tricks for those tricky scenarios that will most likely occur. Looking at the different resources is also a good reminder that there are resources out there for us to use. Some of them may suck, but there are certainly some that could probably help us out a lot. Great job, Sara and Ryan!

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