Thursday, November 11, 2010

NCLB, Acheivement Gap, Alternative Assessment

This presentation was both fun and informative. The variety in the activities made it very easy to stay engaged and excited. I really liked how the group opened up with a game. It was fun and gave us a quick overview of the three topics we would be covering in the presentation. I liked how the three stations were all very different because I could take away something different from each one. At the alternative assessment station, I liked how we were given resources (which I would have liked to keep!) and got to apply it right away to different students. I'm a huge fan of alternative assessment and certainly want to use them in my classroom in any way possible. The achievement gap station was a lot of fun, but some of the statistics were quite scary. This station certainly got me thinking about all the ways students can be affected. The No Child Left Behind station was an interactive way to learn about the many different issues we have in our schools. My group focused on differing state standards and how students can be affected by these. It is unfortunate when students can't reach their highest potential just because they suddenly had to move. Overall, I found this presentation to be interactive, extremely informative, and personable. Great job, ladies!

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