Thursday, November 4, 2010

Technology Integration

Today's presentation about technology really got me thinking about some of the issues that can come from having technology in the classroom. Sometimes, at schools with limited technology, it is hard to figure out who gets to use it and when. I also learned about positive ways to use it. The opening discussion was a good way to get us thinking about the topic of technology. I do, however, wish we had focused more on the history. We started to have some good conversation, but I feel like we very quickly glossed over it. is an interesting concept and I certainly feel like I could find a way to use it in my classroom in a number of different ways. Of course, I will have to be aware of the students that may not have a texting plan. The scenarios were interesting and we had some good discussion, but I wish there had been more variety. At the very least, I think I would have liked to use technology a lot more. Overall, though, it certainly got me thinking and excited about using technology in my classroom.

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