Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Diversity, Learning Style and Culture

This article begins by explaining the difference between uniformity and diversity. Uniformity is exposing every student to the same exact material in the same exact way. Diversity is allowing students to learn the same material in different ways. It also discusses the importance of taking advantage of the skills students have. The article then goes on to introduce the four categories of style differences: cognition (perceiving knowledge); conceptualization (ideas and thinking); affect (emotional response and values); and behavior (actions). These four things have a lot to do with how people learn. Finally, the article touches on the importance of culture and the diversity within. Students will be raised in different ways and their lives outside of school will have a huge impact on their lives inside school. This is very important for teachers to keep in mind.

This article was certainly very interesting. I especially liked how it stressed the importance of having an even mix of uniformity and diversity. Although it is important that all students learn the same material, it really isn’t necessary that they all learn it in the same way. Some might not do so well with lectures, while others may not feel comfortable with a hands-on experience. It is very important to provide students with options, giving them a sense of comfort, as well as a sense of control. I also really liked how they broke down the four categories: cognition, conceptualization, affect and behavior. It makes it very easy to understand normally complex subjects.

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