Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mixing and Managing Four Generations of Employees

The author of this article puts a lot of focus on the differences among different generations. People from different generations will be more likely to remember certain things in history differently. Hammill claims that there are now four different generations (Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y) working together at the same workplaces. In this article, he highlights some of the most significant differences: values, communication, education, dealing with money and family. These differences can affect a lot of what goes on at the office. He discusses the basic life differences but also goes in depth for the differences in workplace characteristics. Towards the end, he gives the reader a few work situations to consider and reflect on.

This article was certainly very interesting. It never occurred to me that there were four different generations working together as one. It’s interesting to consider how different values can truly be. I think the perfect example of this is at a school. There are almost always the Baby Boomer teachers who aren’t willing to try anything new and refuse to take crap from anybody (especially students). Then, you have the Generation X teachers who try to be slightly more hip and get the students to like them. They may look up to the Baby Boomer teachers as mentors. Finally, you have the Generation Y students who are obsessed with technology, but still willing to put enough energy into getting the work done. The Veterans are usually in places of authority, either principal or headmaster, and put a lot of value into being respected and getting the job done accurately.

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